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 360 Scam Artists

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Otaku Se7en
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PostSubject: 360 Scam Artists   Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:08 am

Now this is not illegal its a scam cause were cheating the seller, but this guy i know online is selling 360s with red ring virus for 21$ each, thats WITH shipping and handling, me and Stuart know how to fix them, so were getting one from every reigion on XBL to boost Gamerscore, theres a few games that when put in a 360 from a seperate region pop up in your gamerscore again as a copy of the same game, one of my friends have games like eragon, bioshock, TH P8, and avatar 3 and 4 times in his gamerscore, hes got over 100000 gamerscore
but we will also be selling some of the working 360s, so PM me if you want one - side effects of fixed 360s-the seal will be broken, so the warranty will be void, but we will fix them again if RR happens again
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360 Scam Artists
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