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 Yeah... I P-Own all the n3wbZ on Run3 Sc@p3

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PostSubject: Yeah... I P-Own all the n3wbZ on Run3 Sc@p3   Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:25 am

Well.. hardy har-har discard my message with all those faces on intro' yourself. I found the App area, well hmmm.. hmmm... i guess i will just put some stuff down here? mmmk.

Name: Eppy C, Who's your daddy.
XBL Account: Xx614 CCHCxX & EppZillz (n00b account with xbl)
Website management experience: I hosted paid and created my own Clan website which i had to crash because a member hacked it. I am an Administrator at check em out they are some guys i play AAO with (americas army online) I also have help with many other sites and all that good stuff.

Programs available to me: Photoshop Cs2 (but i need some more plug-ins & Brushes)
Dream-weaver. CSS, Some animated GIF programs, Paint...? lol And.. Sony's Sound forge manager / Windows Movie maker.

I would be willing to spend time in my day keeping the site under control and making sure it look Pretty, I also would like to do that game review thing for you guys..
Some personal: : : Well i know Ricky (Mod admin) He's one of my best buddies and i am sure i know some more of you personally, i just can't remember... i went to New Albany for 6 years All through middle school and half of Freshmen year. I Have a pretty good (yet oddly twisted) Scene of humor. I play Drums, Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, And Bass, and the cello. Most of my time is with the Drums though (8 years of exp)
I (will) be having a Gretch Katalina ash 7 piece drum set at the beginning of the summer But for now i have got some crappy ol' set, but i make it work.

Well.. i hope that is a good enough app' ricky, I'll be eagerly awaiting your response
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Otaku Se7en
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CRH n00b

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PostSubject: Re: Yeah... I P-Own all the n3wbZ on Run3 Sc@p3   Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:43 am

oops i forgot to say what we expect in applications my bad-edit your post to take out other sites, dont post another site here my bad eppy
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Yeah... I P-Own all the n3wbZ on Run3 Sc@p3
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